Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cassie 29/365

“I didn’t see you at Alvin’s funeral. I thought if anybody, you’d be there.”

“His, his what?”

“You didn’t know? Oh, God. I’m so sorry.”

“What happened?”

He was crushed by a giant roll of newspaper print.


Tereza said...

This one would make a great short story. Wow!

Michael5000 said...

Oh god. I'm so sorry.

Karin said...

It's probably the most absurd thing that never happened to me.

I mean, how bizzare is that? He was working in a Smurfit Newsprint plant when a giant roll of newsprint got stuck in the machinery. He decided to climb in to fix the jam and well, I guess it worked. Can you imagine?

I'm just glad that we had reconciled. He treated me like shit for years and I let him, but one day he came back to me after a long absence and asked for forgiveness. He let me berate him for all the ways he screwed me over with the condition that he couldn't protest a single word I said. After some hours, I was finished. I forgave him and we both felt better. It's a powerful thing. To forgive and be forgiven.